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One-on-one Personal

Online Karate Training with

Master Teacher Sakumoto


We will start an online karate session using Zoom.

Sensei Sakumoto gives great training and

looking after you to be better in performing the Katas.

It is an open lesson that anyone can enter regardless of

nationality, school, rank, or achievement.



Start June 1st.
10: 30-11: 30 a.m. and 16: 00-17: 00 p.m. in Japan time


Use Zoom. Please install the application and check Wi-Fi by yourself.


Sakumoto Karate Academy

Entry qualifications

This is a Karate training session opened to the general public. Anyone who would like to learn Kata is welcome to join us.


Kihon, Paiku, Anan, Anan-Dai, Ohan, Ohan-Dai, etc


Tsuguo Sakumoto (Ryuei Ryu Doto 5th Generation Grand Master, Ryuei Ryu 9th Dan Hanshi)

  • Assistant Instructor:

    • Yuka Shimizu (Ryuei Ryu 6th Dan)

Registration fee

40,000 yen per person (for 1 hour)

You can use credit card.

How to apply for online karate session

  • Please check the availability from the calendar on this link before entering.

  • Make a credit card payment and complete the reservation.

Online session
step 1

  • Make an entry and make a reservation.

  • Send a video of the Kata you want to learn (We will inform you how to send the video later.)

  • Sensei Sakumoto checks the video and confirms the improvements.

  • On the day, practice the Kata improvement points based on the video.

Online session
step 2

  • If you make a reservation, we will send you an invitation with a special URL, ID, and Pass.

  • You can enter the room 10 minutes before the reservation time.

  • Confirm the zoom operation by yourself, and turn on the image and sound. When it's time, we will start practicing immediately.

point to make note of online session

  • Please make a reservation after the 15 days. It takes time for Sensei  Sakumoto to check and review your kata on videos.

  • Up to two Kata can be practiced in an hour. Be sure to send us the video you want to learn.

  • It is one-on-one personal session so that each athlete can concentrate on their training. Please refrain from taking more than 2 athletes.

  • Be sure not to record lessons or share your ID / password.



Sakumoto Karate Academy

Tomari 1-7−2 3F, Naha city, Okinawa

The first floor is Shureido.

There is no inquiry by phone.
Please contact us by next form.

Thanks you.

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