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Sakumoto Karate Academy


Champion Sakumoto

World champion seminar

Master Tsuguo Sakumoto – 7 times consecutive world champion is continuously producing top level athletes and next generation champions through his training.

He offers seminars to all nationalities and styles. The seminar can be scheduled to suit your need.


It is a great opportunity to work with world champion.

Please contact  here.

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Master Teacher Sakumoto's Concept


About world champion Sakumoto Tsuguo


Started Karate in 1956 at the age of 9.


World champion 7 times consecutively
3 times WKF world champion, 2 times world game champion and 2 times world cup champion – Guinness world record holder

Asian games 3 times consecutive champion


Coach of 9 world champions

7 Japanese, 2 overseas athletes


Ryueiryu 5th Grand Master Hanshi 9th Dan

About Ryuei-ryu

"Budo is the exclusive private creed for personal development of body and soul and the defence of such"

(  Soke Nakaima family creed )

The histry of Ryuei-ryu

Ryuei-ryu originated with Ryu Ryu Koh in China and Nakaima Norisato from Naha studied under him, returned to teach “ Ryu no Waza “ in Okinawa. After Norisato came Kenchu, Kenkoh and Kenji.

Until Kenkoh Ryuei-ryu was a style that was exclusively taught to family – all the masters were descendants of Norisato -  and closed to all outsiders. Kenkoh made the decision to open the teaching to non-family members. Tsuguo Sakumoto was the first non-family member to become master. Ryue-iru became widely known when Sakamoto became world champion.

Ryuei-ryu continues to produce world champions to this day.

About Ryueiryu
Gold medalists

World champions trained by Tsuguo Sakumoto

Ryo Kiyuna 

Winner of  22nd and 23rd world Karatedo championships ( German 2014  Austria 2016 )

All Japan Karatedo championships 5 times consecutive champion

 Photo : JKFan 

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Sakumoto Karate Academy

Tomari 1-7−2 3F, Naha city, Okinawa

The first floor is Shureido.

There is no inquiry by phone.
Please contact us by next form.

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